Voltron Legendary Defender - Allura - The Princess

Voltron Legendary Defender - Allura - The Princess

Allura was the princess of the Altean people before the Galra empire began their conquest of the stars. It was her people who protected Voltron, and it was her father who decided to separate the lions to keep it away from Zarkon. However, when it was clear that Zarkon was going to destroy Altea, Allura's father, King Alfor, hid her away. Putting her in a 10,000 year cryogenic sleep. Only being awakened when the paladins awoke her.

Once awake, she was anything but a "typical" princess. Allura is strong willed, fierce, and very determined. However, she is also incredible kind, often adopting a more princess like demeanor when consulting with races on their voyage through the galaxy. But when it comes to the Paladins, she can often be quite rough.

This is because she blames herself somewhat for what happened to Altea, and the universe at large. For to her, if Altea didn't fall, the Galra empire would never have gotten the hold it has.

Allura is the pilot of the Castle of Lions, and uses it as a warship many times in the first season. Though she has certain moments of weakness, Allura is easily one of the strongest members of Team Voltron.

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