Fire Emblem - Sakura - The Gentle Healer

Fire Emblem - Sakura - The Gentle Healer

Of all the Hoshidan noble children, Sakura is easily the kindest and gentlest of them all. Despite everything that has happened to her family throughout her life, she has never lost hope or love for those close to her.

That being said, she also has a rather nervous nature, and is prone to studder in conversations, even when she's with her family. But beneath that though is a strong will that allows her to go into battle and help however she can.

Sakura is one of the best healers in the game, and is the best healer on the Hoshidan side, her staves all her to heal from distances and are really good at bringing back health. Despite her gifts, she wishes to take up arms so that she can help her family more, despite their proclamations that her healing gifts are the best way she can help.

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