Legend of Korra Episode 07 - The Aftermath

Legend of Korra Episode 07 - The Aftermath

In the wake of the attack on the Pro-Bending finals, everyone is on edge. This includes Mako and Bolin, who are now without a home thanks to the arena being closed done. Korra offers them a place on Air Temple Island, but they note that Asami has already offered them a place at her estate.

Lin makes an arrest on an apparent Equalist supporter, but something is clearly off about it. Korra accept an invitation to join the others at the Sato estate to have a day of fun, and she does. But then while searching for a restroom she overhears Hiroshi Sato talking about the supporter that was taken down by Lin, noting how everything was going according to their plan.

Thinking he's an Equalist supporter, Korra tells Lin and Tenzin what she heard, and though skeptical at first, they note that his wife was killed by a Firebender, so it was possible. They search the premises, but find nothing, until a worker for Sato asks to meet them late at night.

It is there that he confirms that Sato is an Equalist, and has a secret factory just off his estate grounds. Using this information, they go back to the Sato estate and find the secret factory. However, they soon find themselves in a trap, one made by Sato himself. Using specialized platinum mechs, he overpowers Lin, Tenzin, and Korra. Then Mako and Bolin when they show up to help.

When Asami arrives, Hiroshi explains that he did it for her mother, and offers to help. Instead of doing so, she takes out her father.

With Sato arrested, Lin resigns from the police force, noting that she has to find Amon and the other Equalists "outside the law". Korra reopens the invitation for Bolin, Mako, and now Asami to stay with her and Tenzin's family at Air Temple island. They agree.

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