Legend of Korra Episode 06 - And The Winner Is...

Legend of Korra Episode 06 - And The Winner Is...

As the Fire Ferrets prepare for the finals of the Pro-Bending Tournament, Amon takes over the radio and comments that the finals need to be cancelled else there will be consequences.

The team rush to the Council chambers, only to find that they have decided to close the games to keep everyone safe from Amon's wrath. Though they argue, it's not until Lin arrives that the decision is reversed. Unbeknownst to them, this is what Amon wants.

As the games begin, its immediately clear something is wrong, as the Wolfbats, the champions of Pro-Bending, are using illegal moves and strategies against the Fire Ferrets. What's worse, the refs aren't taking notice, showing that they are paid off.

Despite this, the Fire Ferrets put up a strong fight, and even end with a round victory and a tie. However, in the end, they are defeated by the Wolfbats.

No sooner are the Wolfbats crowned champions than the Equalists show up. Amon preaches about "stopping bullies" like the Wolfbats, and prompty fights, defeats them, and then strips them of their bending.

Korra, Lin, and the others arrive to fight, but eventually the Equalists escape mostly unscatched. Tenzin knows that Republic City is now at war.

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