Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 3 - The Southern Air Temple

Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 3 - The Southern Air Temple

Aang anxiously wants to go to the Southern Air Temple, which was his home before he was frozen in ice. Though he is excited, Katara is wary, as she believes that Aang still thinks some Airbenders are alive. Despite her cautions, he wisks them away and eventually they make their way to the temple.

Upon arrival, it's clear that something is wrong. There are scorch marks in places there shouldn't be, and there was no one to be found. Not giving up hope, Aang begins to walk around. All the while, having flashbacks to his childhood and being raised by his mentor Monk Gyasto.

Meanwhile, Zuko has to make port and get repairs for his ship. He is met by Captain Zhao, a man very curious about the damages to his ship. Zuko and Iroh don't mention the Avatar, but it's clear Zhao is suspicious. Eventually, Zhao finds out that not only is the Avatar alive, but that he bested Zuko and his crew. After debating about it, they challenge each other to a fire duel called Ag Ni Kai.

Aang continues to search for clues about what happened, and they even reach a sacred chamber containing statues of the Avatars past, the last one being of Roku. Katara stays to examine them while Aang goes on searching. Eventually, he finds a skeleton of Monk Gyasto, he breaks down, and when he does he goes for the first time into the Avatar State. The place erupts in a malestrom of wind. Only once Katara arrives and shares some of the pain of her life with Aang is he able to calm down.

Zuko and Zhao duel in Ag Ni Kai, though Zhao takes the advantage early, Zuko gets a second wind late and eventually wins. Though he does not scar him as the Ag Ni Kai dictates, as he sees his scar as a reminder of what he needs to do. Zhao, mad that he lost, tries to strike Zuko from the back, but Iroh races in and stops him cold.

With a new lemur called Momo on their team, Aang and the others depart the temple.

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