Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 07: Return To Balmera

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 07: Return To Balmera

The team finally makes it back to Balmera, and begin to determine how to save it...after debating what sound a laser makes...and decide not to go in guns blazing as a Balmera is a living thing. They decide to blow up the mining facilities to draw out the Galra, then go into the planet to save Shea and her people. Pidge will drop probes to make sure no one gets left behind.

Despite blowing up many of their facilities, the Galra don't bite, and they have go down to beat them. Meanwhile, General Prorok gets informed of Voltrons arrival on Balmera, he orders a separate fleet to join them for the battle to come.

Keith and Lance lock up one of the hanger bays while Hunk goes to free the prisoners. He finds some, but Shea was taken away to the core of the planet. The Paladins follow suit.


As they reach the core, they're sealed in, and figure out Rollo sold them out. They contact Allura for help, only to find out that she's trapped herself, as the castle is surrounded by Galra ships, and she's taking heavy fire.

Shea offers help from her people, and sends a communication through the Balmera. Rax receives the message, and rallies his family to help them.

Meanwhile, the general relays his trap to Emperor Zarkon, who is not pleased that this has happened without his permission. Prorok continues anyway, and sends his ships to capture the lions. No sooner does he do so than a battle cruiser locks onto the castle.

The Balmerans arrive just in time to free the Paladins, and allow them to get back to their Lions before they're stolen. Now back, they fight the Galra fleet. The castle is almost destroyed by an ion cannon, but they form Voltron and save it before the shields fail. The castle then assists and destroys the battle cruiser, along with the rest of the Galra fleet.

Before they can rest though, another ship crashes into the Balmera.

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