Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 6: Taking Flight

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 6: Taking Flight

The team waits by Lance's capsule as he is to awaken soon from his healing. They begin to debate whether a second or a "tick" is faster. Lance awakens as they test it out. As they brief him on what happen, we learn Sandak is in a cryo pod down below, as he's too dangerous to be let out, and could provide information later on.

Hunk relays that now that they are together again they need to go save Shea and the rest on Palmera. Pidge takes this moment to reveal that "he" is a "she". Half the team apparently knew, and don't judge her at all.

Now in unison, the team launch the castle as a ship, and take off towards the Balmera.

On Zarkon's main ship, there is a debate as to what to do with Voltron next. One of the generals asks to move the main fleet their way, while Haggar wants to use another ritual to test Voltron's might. Zarkon sides with Haggar, which prompts the general to go out on his own mission to capture Voltron.


On their way to Balmera, a distress call sounds, and they divert to check it out. They find three resistance fighters of sorts who claim to be fighting Zarkon in their own way. Allura agrees to help them, despite Hunks objections, they begin to chat about how laid out the Zarkon forces are.

Lance takes one of the resistance fighters on a "date" in his Lion, while Hunk reluctantly helps the other fix his ship.

Haggar performs a ritual that literally drains an entire planet of its quintessence. This pleases Zarkon, who states that because of this, they can now focus fully on Voltron.


Meanwhile, Rollo and Nia trick the others and steal the blue lion, and offer it to the general for a reward. Lance is able to contact the others and they race to go get it. They catch up, but Rollo hides in an asteroid field, Keith pursues him. After a dog fight in the belt, Keith disables the ship, and they get the Blue Lion back.

They return Rollo and his crew to the planet they were on before, and leave to go back to Balmera. Haggar meanwhile uses the quintessence to inject a creature to make it a powerful beast.

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