Booster Gold - The Egocentric Time Traveler

Booster Gold - The Egocentric Time Traveler

Though Batman has many allies, there are a few that he honestly doesn't like teaming with at times. One of the highest on that list is Booster Gold.

Booster Gold is a time traveler who "acquired" *cough* stole *cough* a suit to go and travel through time. He aspires to be a famous superhero, like Batman, but fails to understand at times that being a hero means being selfless. Which is something that Booster very much is not.

Despite this, and annoying Batman a lot in the early goings, he does have Batman's respect. In fact, in a rather famous comic arc, Booster Gold appeared to have died, but in truth, he faked his death so that he could save the world on a grander scale with help from fellow time traveler Rip Hunter. Batman found out about this, and after seeing how Booster didn't tell anyone about what he did (thus not getting the glory) he shook his hand and admitted he had gotten his respect.

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