Episode 4: The Voice In The Night

Episode 4: The Voice In The Night

Korra is still reeling from her first encounter with Amon, and this is reflected in a dream of her losing her powers to him. To counter the new threat, Councilman Tarrlok tries to assemble a task for to take down the Equalist movement, despite objections from Tenzin, the council agrees. Amon finds out abotu this, and uses it to help raise more awareness about the Equalist movement.

Korra is then sought after by Tarrlok to join the task force. Korra initially says no, even after receiving "gifts" from Tarrlok to help persuade her. He then decides to take an indirect approach, and throws a party in Korra's "honor" and uses reporters to trick her into joining the task force.

Meanwhile, Mako literally crashes into a young woman named Asami, who recognizes him from his Pro-Bending matches. After helping him and offering him dinner, they chat and reveal who they are. Mako talks about how they need money to help advance in the Pro-Bending tournament, Asami takes the opportunity to introduce him to her father Hiroshi Sato, and Sato agrees to fund the Fire Ferrets.

Korra and the Task Force team up to fight the Equalist movement by taking out a Chi-Blocking training center used by them. After the success, Korra publically challenges Amon to a fight to end things once and for all. Korra is warned against it, but doesn't budge.

After thinking she was stood up, she gets ambused by Chi-Blockers, and then Amon himself. He notes how he could easily take her bending away, but decides not to as it would "maker her a martyr". So he leaves her be, merely knocking her unconscious.

Soon after he leaves, Korra is found by Tenzin, who she thinks at first is Aang. She opens up to him and notes how she had never felt so helpless in her life. Tenzin comforts her and notes that only be revealing fears can one overcome them.

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