Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 05: Tears Of The Balmera

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 05: Tears Of The Balmera

Axis and Sandak begin to find out what Pidge did, and intercept the transmission Allura had with him before he blew the engines. He sends out his drones to go and kill Pidge.

On the Balmera, Hunk and Caran find Shea and Rax and get them to help them escape a Galra patrol. In the castle, Pidge continues to try and sabotage the Galra takeover, and we flashback to a family get together where it's revealed that Pidge is indeed a girl. And that his look is actually the look of his brother Matt. When she hears about her families disappearance, she goes into the garrison base we see in the pilot and hacks the feeds, finding out it wasn't an accident like reported. The base commander finds her, and states that she's never allowed on base again. Thus why she changed her look, and name, so that she could be a cadet and find the truth.

Back in the present, Pidge continues to get instructions from Allura, but is soon attached by sentries. Knowing they need more help, Allura contacts the mice for assistance.


Using tech, and some luck, Pidge begins to weave through the enemy sentries. Even using the training room to thin them out.

Hunk and Caran interact with the species on Balmera, who are enslaved into finding crystals for Zarkon. The species are in so in touch with the Balmera that they can sense the pain of the creature. They relay a crystal that they could get, but note that's basically impossible to get.

As Pidge takes a moment to recover, she flashes back to when she first joined the academy, and donned the look of her brother. It's there she meets Lance and Hunk, and successfully fools the commander who banished her before.

Shea tells Hunk that her enslavement means that she can never see the sky. Hunk reveals that he is a Paladin of Voltron, and that things will change soon.

Just as soon as Axis gets the engines up, Pidge overloads them, causing a reaction that hurts Axis and the engines. It also affects Pidge though, causing her to face Axis in a fight. He's defeated, but at the cost of Rover.

Hunk and Caran defeat some guards and get the crystal. But in a way that helps the Balmera and not hurt it. However, more sentries appear and stop them. They're captured, but Shea saves them, she relays that the crystal is on their ship. Rax however betrays them, but using the Balmera, they escape, but Shea is captured.


The mice are able to lower the energy shield, allowing Keith and Allura in. Pidge, Keith, and Allura team up to stop Sandak and trap him in the faux energy crystal.

With the castle saved, and the crystal power restored. Lance is put in a healing pod, and Pidge decides to stay with Team Voltron.

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