Shura - The Lonely Assassin

Shura - The Lonely Assassin

Surely one of the oddest inclusions in regards to characters coming in all games, Shura is arguably one that holds a key piece of hte story.

For it was Shura that was hired by Hoshido to capture then princess Azura from Nohr in retaliation for the killing of their king and kidnapping of Corrin.

Shura was also one of the last of his kind from the kingdom of Kohga, who was massacred by a rival clan. As such, he had to live else, and eventually ended up in Nohr as the leader of a group of thieves. Though he has done very dark work, he has always maintained that his goal was to rebuild Kohga. And that is the basis of him joining Corrin's army if allowed.

Shura is a very skilled fighter, and is proficient in both long ranged weapons and up close ones. Making him a very worthy fighter.

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