Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 04: Fall Of The Castle Of Lions

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 04: Fall Of The Castle Of Lions

At the castle, the Arusians "reenact" the battle between Voltron and the enemy mech from the previous episode. After which, Allura states they must leave the planet to continue their quest for peace. She gives the chief a communicator to contact them should they need help. And dubs Arus the first planet in the "Voltron Alliance".

Shiro is concerned about letting the Arusians in and out of the castle, as it may be a security risk as they have to lower the castle defenses to do so. Outside, Sandak and his assistant Axis plot to take down the castle. Axis notices Pidge's drone, that he took on the Galra ship, and states he can repurpose it if he gets close enough.

Allura chats with the mice from the pilot, and can apparently understand them perfectly...and though she has doubts about their mission, she knows she has to portray strength. The mice then begin to reveal secret of the Paladins, including that Pidge isn't what "he" seems to be.

Hunk and Lance begin chatting about the mission, and how long it might take to complete, Lance begins reminiscing about home, and it make him emotional.

Allura decides to chat with Pidge about "his" "secret". But despite not getting him to reveal it, he does reveal he's living team Voltron because he decrypted the data he got last episode. She tries to stop him, but he refuses to bend. As he tells Shiro about his decision, Axis clones the signature of Pidge's drone and readies the bomb to strike.


Lance and Caran bond over their homes, as it's revealed Earth is quite a ways away from Arus. Lance desire to return, and he begins to be able to remember things about Earth. Caran says if he could return to Altea, he would.

As Pidge reveals he's leaving, the other react in various ways. Hunk kind of wants to leave as well, whereas Keith sees the decision as selfish. Shiro however knows you can't force teamwork, and says he'll respect Pidge's decision. Pidge stays his course.

The enemy drone passes by Lance and Caran, Lance notices something is off, and helps Caran get out of the explosion blast once it happens. The castles power falls without the energy of the crystal.

As the others arrive in the crystal room, they see Lance is injured, and the Arusian chief says his village is under attack. With the crystals power, they can't heal Lance or get to the Lions. They split up to try and save everyone. Caran and Hunk go and search for a new crystal via the pod Pidge was going to use to leave.


As Shiro makes to heal Lance, he sees Sandak and his forces entering the castle. Shiro battles Sandak, but he's overwhelmed by Sandak's robotic arm. Both Shiro and Lance are captured by Sandak and Axis. Pidge watches helplessly as they're taken away.

Keith along with Allura investigate the village that's being attacked, only to find that the only thing there is disabled drones. Keith realizes it was all a diversion to lure them away from the castle. Sandak uses his own power source to refuel the castle, he raises the shields and prepares to take Voltron.

Pidge relays to Keith and Allura that he's inside the castle, and needs advice on what to do. Allura relays how to disable the engines so the castle can't take off.

Meanwhile, Hunk and Caran visit a Balmera, an ancient creature the size of a planet that has the crystal they need. However, when they arrive, they find the Galra have made the creature a mining colony. They're soon found by a Galra ship, and have to flee to survive. Caran dives the ship into the core of the creature with the ship. Once they "land", they find they aren't alone.

Pidge is able to stop the takeoff of the ship just before it takes off. Realizing he has a saboteur on board, he orders for Pidge to be found and taken out.

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