Hal Jordon - The Smart Allick

Hal Jordon - The Smart Allick

Whereas Batman fully trusts and respects Barry Allen, aka the Flash, you could argue he doesn't have the same feelings for Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern.

The phrase "buddy cop show" comes to mind when they're together. As Batman usually thinks things through, while Jordan more often than naught follows his instincts. Causing major clashes between the two. However, beneath that is a desire to help the other. In a recent comic arc, it was Hal Jordan who was most concerned with a new "status quo" Batman had obtained, and did his best to fix it. Then, in reverse, when Batman had to go save Superman from Darkseid once, he told Hal Jordan his secret identity, and had him rally the rest of the League while he went away.

Begrudging respect is a term for this two when together.

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Updated 06/19/2016 By Todd Black in the fan site Batman


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