Smellerbee - The Tomboy

Smellerbee - The Tomboy

One of the most loyal Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee knew just as much as anyone how dangerous the Fire Nation was. They had seized her parents, and their land, and so she ran away rather than be captured herself. As such, she had no problems doing whatever Jet told her to do in the pursuit of sticking it to the Fire Nation, this included holding Sokka at knife point after he tried to stop them.

Smellerbee was also there in Ba Sing Se with Jet, along with Longshot. And was there when Jet died. 

In the comics, Smellerbee took leadership of the Freedom Fighters, and helped protest a situation involving Zuko and the Earth King. Whether she was on the right side was up for debate, but she refused to bend, just like before.

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Updated 06/19/2016 By Todd Black in the fan site Avatar - The Last Airbender


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