Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 03: Return Of The Gladiator

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 03: Return Of The Gladiator

We start on the ship of Emperor Zarkon, who reveals that he derives part of his power via "quintessence". He boasts that he can take on the paladins himself, but the witch Haggar states her beast will taken down Voltron.

After a training session, the Paladins dine on Caran's lunch...or try to. Hunk takes the initiative to try and salvage their stomachs. Allura arrives to reveal that the castle will be ready to leave the next day. An alarm sounds, and a young creature appears to see if Allura and the others are the reason a "lion goddess" is angry. Allura shows the creature kindness, and offers to visit the village he is from to show they mean no harm.

Pidge meanwhile is in the medbay waiting on the prisoners they rescued in the pilot to wake up. As one does, he reveals he did see Pidge's father and brother with Shiro on the prison ship. He also reveals that Shiro was a gladiator fighter, undefeated in the ring. And, when the time to start fighting began, Pidge's brother was going to go into the ring first, Shiro however stopped this by injuring Pidge's brother, but no one is sure why. Upon hearing this Shiro is befuddled, and decides to go find the logs of the prisoners on the ship to what happened to Pidge's family afterwards.


At the Arusian village, the Paladins and Allura meet the chief of the native race, who proclaim Allura to be the Lion Goddess. Allura corrects the notion, and states that Voltron is here to defend, not hurt them as they once believed. Upon this, they celebrate.

On the wrecked ship, Shiro and Pidge find a computer that may have the information they need. Shiro uses his arm to power the console, as it's compatible with Galra tech. As the download begins, a ship enters the atmosphere, heading straight for the ship Shiro and Pidge are in. Pidge demands they get the data, but Shiro forces him to leave and calls the others for backup. They escape barely before the explosion and shockwave kills them.

The ship transforms into a massive mech, and the battle begins. Despite the team forming Voltron, the enemy mech is incredibly powerful, and goes blow for blow with Voltron. The team starts to crack as the fight turns against them, getting them to make mistakes.

Eventually, Shiro recognizes the enemy as the gladiator he fought on the prison ship. He reveals a weakness in his orb weapon. Despite this knowledge, they still can't be it. Until, Keith's lion activates a new weapon, the beam sword. With it, they destroy the enemy mech.


Haggar is distraught at the loss of her beast, but Zarkon is unafraid, as Sandak is on planet, and is outside the Arusian village ready to "exploit their weakness".

After the battle, the Paladins, Alurra, and Caran give the prisoners a ship to get them home, they thank them for their hospitality. Shiro goes and finds Pidge, then reveals that during the battle, he got some of his memories back. Pidge's father was sent to a worker camp, while him and Matt were sent to the gladiator pit. Matt was going to go first, so Shiro stepped in, made himself look stronger, and injured Matt so he could be sent to the worker camp with his father. Upon hearing this, Pidge thanks Shiro for saving his family. To which Shiro calls him "Katie", and says, "Your secret is safe with me."

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