Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 2: Some Assembly Required

Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 2: Some Assembly Required

An alarm wakes up the team, with Allura proclaiming that Zarkon is about to attack the castle. It was in fact a false alarm, intended to see how quickly the team would arrive to help defend the castle. Only four of them show up as Lance is sound asleep with headphones over his ears.

Allura notes how long it took the team to get to the bridge, and that they need to be ready to form Voltron at a moments' notice. They go into their Lions and try forming Voltron again, only to realize it's not working like before. Allura realizes they only did it last time because of them being in battle, so she throws on the castles defense network as a "test" and tries to force Voltron to be formed. It doesn't work, and once the defenses stop they rush into the castle for safety.

Caran reveals that one of the reasons the previous Paladins were able to make Voltron work was because they were a true team, one that had been linked through hundreds of battles. He suggests they learn to form a similar bond through the training deck.


Meanwhile, Zarkon wishes to launch another attack on Voltron, and his head druid suggests that a new creation of hers would be perfect. She then goes to find someone who is familiar with Shiro, even noting that he "can get his revenge against 'the champion'.

Caran begins putting the new team through various exercises. From a drone drill meant to teach them to defend their teammates, to an invisible maze drill meant to test trust. They fail both times. Then they do a piloting drill where they go into a nosedive and must pull up just before hitting the ground. The trick is to "see through their lions eyes" and thus know when to pull up. Hunk bails early, Keith and Lance egg each other on and crash into the sand, Pidge clips a cliff. But Shiro does indeed see through his lions eyes, and makes it safely.

During a meditation exercise meant to "meld the minds" Pidge has trouble focusing on his goal, and thinks of his "girlfriend". This causes him to get frustrated as he doesn't like the others being in his head. After taking a break, Allura demands a combat session, which they fail horribly.

Caran decides for a more appetizing training session, with the team actually feeding each other. Meanwhile, the druid merges the being from before with a new mech she has created.


A food fight breaks out, the team works together as they do, for the first time. This inspires them to go form Voltron, which they do. After bonding some more, they head to bed. With the exception of Pidge, who looks longingly at the picture of him and his "girlfriend".

Zarkon sends out his newest minion to take out the Paladins and Voltron.

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