Azrael - The Fallen Angel

Azrael - The Fallen Angel

Azrael is someone who has been many people during the time of Batman. From Jean-Paul Valley to Michael Lane, and whether it was at first or over time, they would both be allies to Batman and his family. Though not always in the ways intended.

Valley was even impressive enough for Bruce to bestow the mantle of Batman onto him after Bane broke his back. Though Valley went crazy later and had to be fought to take the mantle back. For Lane, he was once a pawn of the Black Glove, but then became Azrael soon after. He wanted to show Gotham the truth and even fought the Batman family to see if they were worthy of saving Gotham.

However, more times than naught, the two would help when the time was needed. Including in the recent Batman comics when Valley assisted Dick Grayson in stopping the reign of Mother.

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