Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 1: The Rise Of Voltron

Voltron Legendary Defender Episode 1: The Rise Of Voltron

Voltron: Legendary Defender Episode 1: The Rise Of Voltron

Airdate: June 10th, 2016


"The Rise Of Voltron" because the remake of the classic series done by Dreamworks and shown on Netflix. The series is headed up by veterans of the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra series, and also animated by the team behind those shows as well.

The oversized premiere kicks off by showing a group of scientists being abducted by aliens, then jumping forth one year where we meet Lance, Hunk, and Pidge at an academy dedicated to training pilots for exploring the universe.

Lance is a typical showoff with skills that don't match his ego, Pidge is a genius, and Hunk is the easily sickened, yet surprisingly bright, comedy relief for the squad. Not that Lance and Pidge isn't funny in their own ways.

One night, they witness a crash landing of a ship, and upon "acquiring" video feed from their bases commander and crew detaining it, they discover Shiro, one of the men captured at the beginning of the series. They then see a young man try and save Shiro, and decide to help out. They find out that this man is Keith, a former cadet that was "flunked out" for "attitude issues".

After saving Shiro, who has been ranting and raving about aliens and something called "Voltron", they retreat to Keith's place where they find out Keith has been finding out about massive energy surges and mysterious markings referring to strange lions.

They decide to investigate, and after Lance touches some markings, they find one of the Legendary Lions of Voltron, it connects with Lance, and get out of the cave. Soon after, they find out there's an alien ship in orbit around Earth, they go fight it and lure it away from Earth. The ship gives chase, but a wormhole opens up and the team goes through it to find themselves on the planet Arus.


After exploring it, they find and revive the princess known as Allura, and her aid Coran, who have been sleeping for 10,000 years. Apparently, a great evil called King Zarkon and his empire have been ruling much of the galaxy since the fall of her world, and her father. Who had sent the lions of Voltron away to protect the universe and not let them fall into Zarkon's hands.

However, with Zarkon now aware of the Lions location, or at least some of them, he sends one of his generals to attack Arus and capture them. After talking with the memory of her father, Allura then convinces the team to find the remaining lions, bring them together, form Voltron, and save the world.

Lance takes Hunk to go for the Yellow Lion, while Shiro takes Pidge to retrieve the Green Lion. Before doing so though, they're given their own weapons and armor, each with special and unique qualities. Except for Shiro, for the Paladin he was taking over for lost his weapon upon his death.

They each go and retrieve their lions, when they return, Allura locates the Red Lion, who was aboard the enemy ship now hovering around Arus. A bold plan is hatched, and the team disperses. Lance and Hunk take out enemy fighters and distract the general while Shiro, Pidge and Keith try and get the Red Lion. Hunk also makes to take out the massive Ion Cannon on the ship.


Once inside, we find out that Shiro was on this particular ship when he was captured, and Pidge reveals that the other two people that were taken were his brother and father. Shiro offers to help find them while Keith goes to the Red Lion.

Shiro and Pidge do indeed find the prisoners, but his family is not with them. The prisoners refer to Shiro as "the champion", but he does not know what they mean. Keith meanwhile find the Red Lion, but he does not connect with it immediately. After fighting some enemies, he opens an air lock to defeat them, but gets pulled out into space himself. The Red Lion saves him, and united with the others, they leave the ship and heads back to Arus.

However, the enemy ship is soon repaired, and open up on the castle. Shiro gets the Black Lion now that the others are present, and make to go fight the enemy. However, they can't figure out how to form Voltron, and get pulled into a tractor beam as the castles defenses begin to fall. At their lowest, Shiro rallies them, and Voltron is formed.


They quickly destroy the ship, and save the day momentarily, but Allura warns that this is just the beginning of the fight, and that they will be needed to defend the universe.

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