Harper Row - The Unlikely Partner

Harper Row - The Unlikely Partner

One of the most recent additions to the Batfamily within the last few years was the inclusion of a girl named Harper Row, who became Bluebird. Harper was obsessed with Batman ever since she believed he saved her life in regards to putting her dad behind bars. This obsession would lead to her trying very hard to prove she was worthy of him. Despite inital push back, she did get her wish, and became a partner to Batman.

Harper has the brains of Tim Drake, but the attitude of Jason Todd, making her much different than just about everyone on the Batfamily. Despite this, she is very compassionate, especially towards her brother, who's technically the only family she's got left.

Recently, she found out she was actually selected by a villain called "Mother" to be Batman's "perfect partner" after some "conditioning". Batman tried to stop it, but couldn't save her mother. Though she forgave him for what happened, she stepped down as Bluebird so she could attend college.

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