Barbara Gordon - The Brilliant Follower

Barbara Gordon - The Brilliant Follower

One of the reasons Batman has so many followers is because he inspires people, whether he wants to or not. In many versions and timelines, this is exactly what happens to Barbara Gordon, who would be inspired by what she saw in Batman and don the suit and title of Batgirl.

Far from helpless, Barbara was a big asset after getting some realworld experience, and though not pleased at first, Batman would come to accept Barbara on the team. Barbara was always happy to use her brain over her brawn, many times thinking out ways to defeat her opponents instead of playing into a battle of fisticuffs. She's also a wizard on computers, which would come in handy later in her career...

Though she has (and had) a long career as Batgirl, she was one of the allies who also suffered greatly because of the job. As Joker came to her house one day and shot her, which caused her to be paralyzed. Forcing her to stop being Batgirl. She didn't let this get to her though, and continued to help the team. In the New 52, some revolutionary technology allowed her spine to work again, and thus she became Batgirl once more, and is still her to this day.

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