Batman: Bad Blood Cast Talk Upcoming Animated Film

Batman: Bad Blood Cast Talk Upcoming Animated Film

The upcoming DC Animated film Batman: Bad Blood will feature much of the Batman family, including the introduction of Batwoman. The cast took the stage of NYCC to talk about the film and their characters.

“With DC characters, you’re working with these archetypal characters,” Bourassa said, but he enjoyed designing the henchmen like Killer Moth because he had more leeway. “The one I saw on Google image search was just absurd,” he said of the character’s comic book appearance.

Charles, who is making his voice acting debut, spoke about all the Batman shows that folks have grown up with. “Having the opportunity to step into this role, be a part of that, has been amazing,” he said.

O’Mara said that “finding the differences between Batman and Bruce Wayne has been incredible,” noting that listening to his early takes on the character showed that he had still been developing the voice.

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