Captain Stacy Would've Returned in Amazing Spider Man 3?

Captain Stacy Would've Returned in Amazing Spider Man 3?

One of the key moments of the original Amazing Spider-Man was the death of Captain Stacy, the father of Gwen Stacy who was Peter Parker's love interest.

Speaking with IGN at Sand Diego Comic-Con, the actor teased that he would've been brought back to life in Amazing Spider-Man 3...had it happened. Apparently, a modified version of the spider serum (the one that gave Peter his powers), would've been able to allow him to bring people back to life. And Captain Stacy was apparently on that list. As he notes he would've been back "even bigger" in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. "I was like, let's go!" Leary said.

Leary was apparently really sad when he found out that not only would this not happen, but that the entire Amazing Spider-Man movie line was cancelled. He particularly felt bed because he had great repore with director Marc Webb. Calling the director a "actor's director" as he would actually let the actors go off script in certain personal scenes and improvise to see if it would become more real and personal.

"Nobody lets you do those things" on a big-budget "gigantic action movie," according to Denis Leary.

Spider-Man will leave on through the new Marvel/Sony collaboration. But as for Captain Stacy? Right now? He's still dead.

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