My Top 5 Zelda Games, No.1 Twilight Princess

My Top 5 Zelda Games, No.1 Twilight Princess

I know this must have surprised many when I said it was my No.1 game, but for me? Twilght Princess really stood out as a stunning example of what Zelda games in the modern era can really be. True, it was ported from the Gamecube to the Wii to make it a launch title, but it didn't hurt it at all!

Twilight Princess really did a good job of making this a non-typical Zelda game. The villain wasn't Ganon to start, it was Zant. Zelda was captured, sure, but there was another princess in trouble named Midna, who was unlike any Zelda character we've seen before.

But the most important thing was easily that Link was transformed into a wolf! And that seriously affected gameplay. Twlight Princess has some of the coolest dungeons and boss battles, so memorable in fact that they were incorporated into other games. Midna has become a fan-favorite character, and many remember just how powerful and dark Twilight Princess was. Including how it had one of the most shocking endings in Zelda history.

Yes, Ocarina of Time will stand the test of time in how we remember games, and rightfully so. But Twilight Princess took what Ocarina did and expanded upon it. And that's why it's my favorite Legend of Zelda game.

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