Will Shatner Be In Star Trek 3

Will Shatner Be In Star Trek 3

Ever since the late Leonard Nimoy appeared in the modern remake of Star Trek, many have wondered if William Shatner would follow suit. It's been rumored, even "confirmed" at points, but with Star Trek 3, it's anything but confirmed. So...what does Shatner have to say about it?

“Well, I tell you -- how do you know it’s been rewritten?” Shatner replied with that distinct Shat glimmer in his eye. “What you’ve asked has implications, O.K.? We need to further examine this because you may have an answer I don’t have."

He did confirm he'd love to be in the film. But will he? As he so funnily said, "You tell me!"

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Updated 07/9/2015 By Todd Black in the fan site San Diego Comic Con


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