Hasbro Launching New Transformers Series On Machinima

Hasbro Launching New Transformers Series On Machinima

At SDCC, Hasbro announced a partnership with Machinima to launch a new Transformers series, one that would take place in the Combiner Wars, while also introducing some brand new characters that'll add to the rich mythology of the Transformers universe:

"We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Machinima on this groundbreaking, new digital series," said Tom Warner, Senior Vice President for the Transformers franchise for Hasbro, in a press release about the announcement. "As one of the top global producers and distributors of digital entertainment, they’re the perfect partner to help launch a totally new kind of Transformers animation -- one that, for the first time ever, is specifically designed for the teen and adult fans who’ve grown up loving the Transformers brand."

No release date has been given yet, I'll date you when I know more!

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Updated 07/9/2015 By Todd Black in the fan site San Diego Comic Con


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