Is Wesley Snipes Returning As Blade?

Is Wesley Snipes Returning As Blade?

While it may seem unbelievable now, the Marvel movie universe technically started in the 90's with Blade, starring Wesley Snipes. In fact, it had three movie (two of which fans agree was awesome). But then, everything got "reset" and nothing has happened since, save for a small anime series.

Now though, at SDCC, Wesely Snipes confirmed that he has talked to Marvel about donning the fangs once more!

"The project is controlled by Marvel and we did have a really productive and a wonderful meeting and we discussed a number of things," Snipes told Deadline. "I don’t know where it’s on their schedule at this point, that hasn’t been decided. I guess it’s still up in the air."

He says he's up for doing it, noting that it was a lot of could this be for real? If so, where should he reappear? Let me know your ideas for Blade's re-emergence!

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Updated 07/9/2015 By Todd Black in the fan site San Diego Comic Con


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