Mockingjay Cast Gives Look Into Final Film

Mockingjay Cast Gives Look Into Final Film

At SDCC, the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 took to the stage one last time to talk about the final movie, and after a new teaser (see below), the cast relayed that this will be much more intense. Jennifer Lawerence herself was there and stated:

 "This is where Katniss gets back into action," she said. "She was a bit sidelined in the last movie, but now she is going after President Snow."

Of course, Gale and Peeta will be featured heavily as well once again, including having a true scene together for the first time technically!

"We've been friends for so long, but we haven't gotten a chance to work together that much," Liam Hemsworth said. "We have a really emotional scene in this... and we may share a kiss," he added jokingly, to which Hutcherson chimed in, "No spoilers, man!"

Finally, Lawerence talked about what Katniss meant to her, and how she was going to "say goodbye":  "I don't really feel like it's happened yet. It's still a huge part of my life. These movies really did change my life," the actress explained, adding, "I don't think that I'll ever really say goodbye. It feels like [Katniss is] a part of me."

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