I Think Ben Affleck Will Do Fine As Batman

I Think Ben Affleck Will Do Fine As Batman

I'll admit it, when I heard Ben Affleck was going to be the next Batman, I went nuts. And not in the good way. BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN?!?!?!? COME ON!!!

But...time went, and Affleck himself talked about why he did the role. Or more accurately, why he accepted the role. He was apparently as scared as us when the offer came to him. He was still reeling from Daredevil in some ways, and he knew if he screwed up Batman, there was no recovering from it. Just look at George Clooney!

But he said he was actually really impressed by the script, and remember, he had just gotten awards for Argo, a movie he both wrote and directed. So he knows what a good movie is nowadays.

Now obviously, we won't be able to render a true verdict until the movie releases next March (WHY SO LONG?!?!!), but based on what I've seen? He should do just fine.

And do recall, we didn't think Michael Keaton or Christian Bale could do Batman based on their previous work. Oh, and Heath Ledger as Joker? Need I say more?

Yes, there may have been "better candidates" but sometimes actors and actresses surprise us. Let's give Ben Affleck a chance. Shall we?

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