Stage Guide: Skyloft

Stage Guide: Skyloft

Skyloft is one of multiple Zelda stages present in Super Smash Bros Wii U and the latest one to be created, drawing inspiration from Link's home in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In that game Skyloft basically functions as a hub for quests and shopping, an ideal place for the player to take a breather from adventuring. Link begins the game living a peaceful and simple life here as student in training for knighthood, while Zelda is not a princess from on high but rather his closest friend since childhood. Add in the freedom to roam the sky thanks to the bond between the people and the noble loftwings, and it's an idyllic life. Of course, fate soon intervenes when a mysterious whirlwind sends Zelda hurtling to the unexplored surface world below. She has a destiny to face, and the player must take Link from Skyloft to surface to find her and discover his own.

In Smash Bros Skyloft serves as one of the game's dynamic stages, with the terrain and platforming shifting throughout the match as the stage takes brawlers on thorough a tour of the area. Transition time between areas in Skyloft can take about 15 to 20 seconds in a battle, and the match will linger at a location for about as long. However unlike some other stages there are no serious hazards to watch out for, so brawlers can just concern themselves with staying on their toes.

Let's have ourselves a tour of Skyloft:

Screen 1: Starting Position / Transition Area

As fighters are taken throughout Skyloft they'll be battling on a simple setup of one large, long platform and three smaller ones above, not unlike the straightforward Battlefield stage. The platforms are a bit closer together while the ones in the sides are slanted, which can demand slightly different tactics for matches where items are turned on. There's always something to be said for a head on fight down below, but players might also consider striking from above or below if an opponent stakes out a position on an upper platform.

Screen 2: Before the Goddess Statue


This area can be a precarious one for the uncareful. Those are bottomless pits all around, don't look down! The smaller platforms guarantee close quarter combat for those who linger, especially in a four player match. Taking to the air can be an ideal approach, especially if if you're adept at executing a well-timed downward meteor smash.

Screen 3: By the Windmill


This is a straightforward area with two layers and no real surprises. It's simple enough to drop down and jump back up again at will, and this is a good spot for a defensive keepaway approach if the situation calls for it. Side smashing to the left is a good play here, as there will be nothing stopping your opponent from sailing off of the screen even on the lower level.

Screen 4: Skyloft's Marketplace


Here we have the bazaar where Link can go shopping for supplies and potions in Skyward Sword. It's closed now though, so we might as well Smash! This is a wide open area with just one small platform and nothing in the way, so it doesn't get much simpler than this. Brawl it out!

Screen 5: Near the Academy


This spot features the most involved terrain in the entire stage, creating opportunities for savvy tactics. Players that stake out a position on the lower platform will find themselves well protected from potentially devastating attacks, thanks to the large central platform breaking the fall. For defenders and fast players that like to give their foes the slip, this place is a dream.

Screen 6: Athwart the Goddess Statue


In Skyward Sword this is probably the single highest point on the Skyloft mainland, and in Smash Bros it's the smallest fighting area. We are on top of a statue, after all. What we have here are two smaller platforms and bottomless pits to the side, which means nowhere to run or hide. This is a place to make your stand.

Screen 7: Behind the Goddess Statue



Think Final Destination with slightly elevated terrain in the middle, and you've got what this place is. Here it's just you and your opponent, although some tactics are possible with the middle platform. The height is enough that projectiles and thrown items from the lower level on either side will not reach. Of course, if a player is lingering on the sides, it doesn't take much to send them flying right off the edge of the screen.....

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