How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 3

How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 3

You'd think playing a game that I would consider one of the best I ever played would leave me with a content feeling. But it just lit a fire in me like nothing I've ever had before.

The moment I was done with Path of Radiance, i wanted to play more Fire Emblem. And not just Path of Radiance multiple times, but different Fire Emblem games from the series. So, by the power of the internet, I looked up what I could get.

Through some trial and error, I got the US original Fire Emblem for GBA (the one with Eliwood, Lyndis, and Hector), then I got Sacred Stones, then when Shadow Dragon (a remake of the SNES original) came out I bought that instantly. I literally jumped for joy when I heard Path of Radiance was getting a sequel in the form of Radiant Dawn, which of course I bought...and loved. lol.

Fast forward a bit, and Awakening came out for the 3DS, I struggled with this one at first (I made some bad leveling up decisions), but I got through it in my second run, and now enjoy it immensely. Having fun playing with the arrangement of certain couples and who I am best compatible with (Hint: Cordelia!!!). It's a great game.

And now, I am patiently waiting for Fire Emblem Fates to come out. I'm deeply intrigued by this title, or I should say titles. And it's going to fun to see how the different versions play out.

So as i wrap up this trilogy of blog pieces I can happily say that I am happy to be a Fire Emblem fan. If I ever work at Nintendo, I'm going to ask if I can work on a Fire Emblem game, cause I have a story I think would be perfect for a Fire Emblem title. This franchise has cemented a notion I had had a long time ago. That games can be fun and deep in gameplay, all the while having a deep story with incredible characters. Fire Emblem is the epitamy of that in my opinion. Which is why I love this franchise so much.

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