Character Guide: Pac-Man

Character Guide: Pac-Man

Wakka wakka wakka wakka. Hey, Namco helped develop the fourth installment of Smash Bros. Honestly, who else should anyone have expected?

Pac-Man, of course, comes from one of the great classic arcade games and therefore basic and humble origins, which means the Smash Bros crew had plenty of leeway to do whatever they wanted with him. And did they ever deliver. Ol' Pac-Man might be running around with legs and arms and a winning smile, but plenty of what he does calls back to his retro origins.

But there's more going for Pac-Man than novelty, this is a formidable fighter. He's a bit on the slow side (must be all that stuff he ate) but Pac-Man packs quite a punch without much in the way of post-move lag, and his smash attacks have excellent range. Savvy players also shouldn't be afraid to take to the air, if only for the joy of dropping a heavy and hard-hidding fire hydrant onto feuding opponents. 

This page is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more on Pac-Man!

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Updated 03/19/2015 By Todd DuBois in the fan site The Super Smash Bros Arena


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