Character Guide: Lucario

Character Guide: Lucario

One of the most recognizable creatures from Nintendo's juggernaut Pokemon franchse, Lucario has the distinction of being one of the most unique fighters in Smash Bros. This isn't so much because of his individual moves, but because of the built in gimmick of Lucario's aura power. At the start of a match Lucario may seem fairly weak, but it is also the only fighter that becomes more dangerous the more damaged it is. The higher the percentage the stronger all its attacks become, and its launching power grows right along with it. Needless to say, this is not a character you want to deal with in a Sudden Death showdown. Lucario's ability also makes it ideal for All-Star mode challenges, some of which demand no use of healing items.

Lucario's aura power is balanced by the fact that it can be launched without too much trouble, but it's also not one of the lightweights. Its basic moves give it a fine balance between melee and ranged combat, and a skillfull keepaway game from a powered up Lucario can be troublesome indeed. If you feel like flirting with danger, look no further than Lucario. Success in using it depends on skillful defense in a pinch. Without that, Lucario is the coolest looking punching bag in Smash Bros.

This page is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more about Lucario!

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Updated 03/19/2015 By Todd DuBois in the fan site The Super Smash Bros Arena


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