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Frank Marsales


Frank Marsales provided the musical score for every single Harman & Ising Looney Tune and Merrie Melodie, but very little information is available about him. He may have worked for the Walter Lantz studio in the late 1930s. [WBCC]



Title Type Date Director Stars
Sinkin' in the Bathtub LT 05/06/30 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Congo Jazz LT 09/30 Harman & Ising Bosko
Hold Anything LT 10/30 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
The Booze Hangs High LT 11/30 Harman & Ising Bosko
Box Car Blues LT 12/30 Harman & Ising Bosko
Big Man from the North LT 01/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Ain't Nature Grand! LT 02/31 Harman & Ising Bosko
Ups 'N Downs LT 03/31 Harman & Ising Bosko
Dumb Patrol LT 04/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Yodeling Yokels LT 05/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Bosko's Holiday LT 06/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
The Tree's Knees LT 07/31 Harman & Ising Bosko
Lady, Play Your Mandolin! MM 08/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! MM 09/05/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
Bosko Shipwrecked! LT 09/19/31 Hugh Harman Bosko
One More Time MM 10/03/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
Bosko the Doughboy LT 10/17/31 Hugh Harman Bosko
You Don't Know What You're Doin'! MM 10/31/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy
Bosko's Soda Fountain LT 11/14/31 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land MM 11/28/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy
Bosko's Fox Hunt LT 12/12/31 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
Red-Headed Baby MM 12/26/31 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko at the Zoo LT 01/09/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Pagan Moon MM 01/23/32 Rudolf Ising  
Battling Bosko LT 02/06/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Freddy the Freshman MM 02/20/32 Rudolf Ising  
Big-Hearted Bosko LT 03/05/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee MM 03/19/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Party LT 04/02/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Goopy Geer MM 04/16/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
Bosko and Bruno LT 04/30/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
It's Got Me Again! MM 05/14/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko and Honey LT 1932* Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
Moonlight for Two MM 06/11/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
Bosko's Dog Race LT 06/25/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
The Queen Was in the Parlor MM 07/09/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
Bosko at the Beach LT 07/23/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
I Love a Parade MM 08/06/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Store LT 08/13/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Bosko the Lumberjack LT 09/03/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
You're Too Careless with Your Kisses! MM 09/10/32 Rudolf Ising  
Ride Him, Bosko! LT 09/17/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
I Wish I Had Wings MM 10/15/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Drawback LT 10/22/32 Hugh Harman Bosko
A Great Big Bunch of You MM 11/12/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Dizzy Date LT 11/19/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
Three' a Crowd MM 12/10/32 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Woodland Daze LT 12/17/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives MM 01/07/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko in Dutch LT 01/14/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
One Step Ahead of My Shadow MM 02/04/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko in Person LT 02/11/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Young and Healthy MM 03/04/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Speed King LT 03/11/33 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
The Organ Grinder MM 04/08/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Knight-Mare LT 04/29/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
Wake Up the Gypsy in Me MM 05/13/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Sheep-Herder LT 06/03/33 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
I Like Mountain Music MM 06/10/33 Rudolf Ising  
Beau Bosko LT 07/01/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Shuffle Off to Buffalo MM 07/08/33 Ising / Freleng  
Bosko's Mechanical Man LT 07/29/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon MM 08/08/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Musketeer LT 08/12/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
We're in the Money MM 08/26/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Picture Show LT 08/26/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno

*not theatrically released

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