Title Card "Bosko the Doughboy"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #1)
Released: October 17, 1931
Length: 6:46
Starring: Bosko


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn By - Rollin Hamilton, Max Maxwell
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko experiences the horrors of war.


Machine guns are firing and bombs are exploding all around. A cannon that is hit by fire gasps for its final breaths. A bird gets shot, leaving a giant hole in its body; it salutes before its body plunges into a pool of water. An army band is marching along when it is hit, leaving three soldiers marching in their underwear. Bosko is enjoying a meal in his foxhole, until a shell explodes right in his food. Bosko resorts to eating cheese from a mouse trap. Bosko grows lonesome and pulls out a picture of Honey, which he manages to kiss before a shell goes right through Honey's head. "I'll get you!" Bosko shouts as he tries to leave his foxhole, but gunfire bounces off his helmet and sends him crashing down. A horse comes by with a harmonica, tells Bosko to "Cheer up, buddy!", and he and Bosko proceed to dance on wooden planks, playing them like a giant xylophone. A sleeping dog soldier gets a rude awakening when a little flea pulls down his pants and bites him. He runs outside and begins scratching himself. Bosko takes the dog's helmet and holds in outside the foxhole, causing it to be riddled by gunfire. Bosko hands the helmet back to the dog, who now uses it to scratch himself, causing dozens of fleas to escape his body. Cannon fire begins raining down on Bosko's foxhole. A bird pulls out a bugle and calls the men to attention, but the bugle and then the bird are blown to bits. Bosko climbs half-way up a ladder leading out of his foxhole, but an explosion leaves only Bosko and the ladder standing in the middle of a crater. A dog soldier points out a bomber up above -- actually it's a pelican ridden by a tiny mouse. The mouse pulls on the pelican's tail, causing a bomb to drop out of its mouth, which explodes by Bosko and sends the dog soldier into a tree. Bosko grabs a cannonball and drops it down the mouth of the dog, who Bosko then uses like a slingshot to shoot to cannonball back towards the bird. The bird is hit, and it crashes to the ground in flames. As Bosko and the dog soldier laugh, machine gun fire shoots out the torso of the dog, leaving him much shorter as he runs away. Bosko then charges ahead through the gunfire and jumps into the hole of a hippo soldier. Bosko peeks over the hole and again gunfire bounces off his helmet. The gunfire is coming from two little birds in a nest with a machine gun. The hippo shouts "I'll get 'em, buddy" and charges ahead, only to have a cannonball shot into his mouth. "They got me Bosko, they got me," the hippo cries, to which Bosko responds "I'll save you pal!". Bosko grabs a pair of long underwear and ties it to a stick, and holds them overhead until they catch a cannonball. The long underwear get up and run to the cannon, dropping the cannonball out of its rear hatch just as it explodes, destroying the cannon. Bosko runs up to his friend and removes the cannonball by unzipping the hippo's stomach. The cannonball explodes, leaving Bosko in blackface and shouting "mammy!"


  • Heard on the soundtrack: "Am I Blue". [LT&MM]

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VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 1
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