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E32012: Day Two

by on June 7, 2012

E3 rolled on yet again on Wednesday.  I got to check out major publishers Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Capcom. With Electronic Arts, I got a look at the behind closed door preview of Dead Space 3 which promises to be a big finish to the hit sci-fi/horror franchise.  The new game introduces an optional two-player coop storyline with a new character by the name of Carver who teams up with returning Dead Space protagonist, Isaac Clarke.

Clarke and his friends have crash landed on an ice planet infested with necromorphs and also enemy humans who Clarke and Carver also have to deal with. Visceral Games showed us several stages as well as the co-op gameplay which looks really slick.  The developers also showed us two boss fights one with a nasty arachnid monster and another with a giant centipede beast.  The battle climaxes with both heroes being swallowed alive by the monster and the video cuts off as they are apparently dumped in its stomach acids and about to be digested.

With Ubisoft we got to check out the behind closed door previews of franchise sequels Splinter Cell: Blacklisted and Assassin’s Creed III. Assassin’s Creed III is set in the 1700’s during the American revolution and you play as the game’s first American assassin, Connor.  Ubisoft showed several different stages, one where Connor tries to lie low and take out British soldiers in Revolutionary War era Boston.  In another stage we see Connor as the captain of a navy ship and have an old fashioned dogfight on his ship with a British vessel which was absolutely awesome.  Splinter Cell: Blacklisted brings a new actor and voice to the character of Sam Fisher who has found a new anti-terrorist group in Fourth Echelon.  In the mission Ubisoft demo’ed, Fisher infiltrates a terrorist camp on the Iran/Iraq border to capture and interrogate a Blacklist asset. Splinter Cell has usually focused on stealth and combat and Blacklist is no exception.  The action has been amped up quite a bit as when Sam Fisher is trapped and surrounded by bad guys, you are given the option to control a drone to take them out in an intense moment.

Over at Capcom we got a closer look at DmC: Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 6. DmC is a reimagining of the Devil May Cry by developer Ninja Theory who created Enslaved and Heavenly sword. This is a clearly new take on Dante. The combat and controls are not a big departure to the franchise, but the setting is more realistic.  Dante’s appearance has been toned down and now he looks more like Paul Walker as opposed to a white haired rock star.  He’s still got the Rebellion sword and his ebony and ivory handguns.  This is a dramatic departure for the franchise but it looks interesting. Resident Evil 6 looked awesome. This is a game that delivers an up to four-player coop storyline.  Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are both playable characters as well as the now all grown up Sherry Birkin from the second game.  The new game also boasts a new crossover story system where the story of your two paired up characters will intersect with the storyline of other characters taking place throughout the game.  Think the revolutionary zap system for Resident Evil 2.  The action and combat is much like franchise favorite Resident Evil 4 but more ramped up.  Now you can move while you shoot and also lay down and shoot.  The action and camera angles are more visceral and even cinematic.  Can’t wait for this one.

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