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E32012: Day Three

by on June 8, 2012

Thursday was the final day of E3 2012 but it was no less jam-packed.  I started things off by checking out the latest from the Metal Gear Solid franchise in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  This is a new hack-and-slash action game for the Metal Gear franchise starring the franchise cyborg ninja Raiden.  Raiden since his last appearance has become a lot more cybernetic.  While previous Metal Gear Games focused more on stealth and evasion, this game is much more action-packed.  The action is much closer in style and controls actually to the Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden franchises.

In the demo, Raiden is put in some VT training missions to test out his new combat skills, weapons, and gadgets against cyborgs, drones, and some copters.  The action is fast-paced and extreme not unlike a Japanese anime.  The developers have taken the concept of using your analog stick to slash with your sword from Metal Gear Solid 2 and dialed it up to 11. You can initiate a slow motion sequence and slice and dice parts of the
environment or your enemies into little bits. Raiden also gets to battle a tricked out super chopper which is sick.  This is a big departure for previous Metal Gear franchises, but the story and premise looks no less intriguing.  The developers were mum regarding the fate of Solid Snake’s apparent death at the end of the fourth game even going so far as telling me, “that’s what they want you to think.”

Later on I got to check out the PS3 version of Epic Mickey 2:  The Power of Two.  The series now goes multi-platform this go around.  Mickey and his brother Oswald are back on a quest to save Wasteland.  I was happy to hear the characters are now fully voiced as we now finally get to hear Oswald and Mickey converse with actual dialogue instead of gibberish.  Frank Welker voices Oswald, and Cary Elwes now voices the gremlin Gus who returns from the first game.  I liked the PS3 control scheme which lets you aim the paint brush with the right analog stick.  The level I got to test out showed off the coop gameplay that can be played between Mickey and Oswald, and the demo climaxes in a boss fight with a twisted robot version of Pete’s Dragon piloted by some lugubrious creatures.  Again Mickey is able to use paint or thinner to defeat his foes.  Epic Mickey 2 looks like a nice evolution of the original.

In one of the more elaborate previews at the convention was the Enterprise like theater for the new Star Trek videogame, developed as the next chapter in the story of the 2009 theatrical reboot for the franchise. Paramount Interactive and Namco Bandai showed off an early stage of the game as Kirk and Spock leave the enterprise to answer a distress call on the planet New Vulcan, established as a new colony for the remaining Vulcans left alive after the destruction of their planet in the movie.  The entire Enterprise cast from the first movie reprise their roles here for complete authenticity including Chris Pine as Kirk and Zach Quinto as Spock who still have a knack for great banter.  Things quickly go south as Kirk and Spock arrive on new Vulcan and are attacked by venom infected Vulcans.  The venom came from none other than the newly redesigned Gorn, the reptilian aliens from the classic series who are the main antagonists of the game.  The gameplay and graphics looked extremely polished and the new Gorn designs are snazzy.  The game will be hitting in early 2013 before the next Star Trek Movie.

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