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E3 2011: Toonzone Previews Captain America: The First Avenger

by on June 11, 2011

While at E3, I also got the chance to check out Captain America: Super Soldier. The game is currently set for release in July to coincide with the new movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, based on the popular milestone Marvel Comics character and Avengers team leader. Super Soldier is a game based around the events portrayed in the movie. In the demo, Captain America invades HYDRA leader Baron Von Strucker’s compound in Europe.

Right off the bat, this does not look like your typical movie based videogame, which can often times be quite bad — such as the recent Thor videogame based on the hit movie. It looks like SEGA and Next Level Games have put considerably more time into this game to make it a lot more polished and better than massive disappointments like Thor. The graphics look really strong and the environments look well put together and thought out. I’m still not a big fan of the Captain America movie costume, but one hopes that more classic takes on Captain America’s costume may be unlocked later in the game or after beating it.

The combat and controls work really well. The combat is slightly reminiscent of the Arkham Asylum franchise, and there is a bit of a free flow element to the combat and action. Cap can also utilize his trademark, mighty shield in battle. For the most part, I found the controls to be nicely smooth and responsive. I love the way the action utilizes Captain America’s SHIELD, especially how the shield can be locked on to enemies. The game also has some interesting Easter Eggs and pickups. You can locate hidden case files and dossiers throughout certain areas. In addition, there are Baron Zemo diaries. Baron Zemo, of course, is a classic villain in the comics and one of the antagonists in the game.

In the game, as you get deeper into the compound, you have to sabotage one of HYDRA’s devices and the clock is ticking. When you get near the end you are attacked by Baron Von Strucker in one of the game’s boss battles. While dealing with Strucker’s henchmen, you also fight Strucker who has his vile, life-depleting gauntlet. The boss fight was a little tough at first, but once you get in the groove of the combat and the counter-move based fighting, it becomes much better to play. From the demo, we also learn that the Howling Commandoes will be in the game. And that is good to hear. So far this Captain America game looks promising. One hopes that Captain America will finally get the exceptional videogame he deserves, and that the final product will be even better — unlike some recent failures. Captain America: Super Soldier is due out July 19 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Other versions have also been developed for the Nintendo Wii, DS, and 3DS. The PS3 version is also 3D enabled and compatible with 3D televisions. But honestly, the 3D look of the game is pointless and does not look better at all. More than anything, the 3D version of the game looks darker. So Toonzone.net recommends to stick with playing the game in high definition.

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