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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Updates on ‘Johnny Quest’ and ‘Shazam’ Movies

by on March 11, 2009

Warner Bros has been oddly silent on the production of the live-action Johnny Quest movie since August 2007, when it was announced (previously reported here) that screenwriter Dan Mazeau and producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter had been hired to develop the film.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was rumored to play Race Bannon, and in a recent interview with Moviefone, Johnson at least confirms that he is indeed involved with the project and provided an update on the production status.

“Right now we’re just still redeveloping, if you will, what that movie will be,” says Johnson. “That’s with myself and Andy [Fickman] and Zac Efron, but it’s still in the developmental stage. Zac is my buddy — I like Zac — and I think that we would make a great pairing.”

This news appears contradictory to reports that the rumors of Zac Efron playing Johnny Quest were “fake.”

Moviefone also asked Johnson about the status of Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam:

Moviefone: Director Peter Segal has described it as ‘Big’ meets ‘Batman’ — think it can actually live up to that?

Johnson: [Laughs] Thanks Pete — way to put us out there! I love the idea of working with Pete again. We’ve become really good friends. I’m not too sure where it’s at right now, to be honest with you. There was a considerable amount of creative differences between the script that came in and the tone and the direction that the studio wanted to take the movie. So I believe we went back to square one, but Pete’s got great ideas, and I’m pumped to work with him again.

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