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DVD Talk and Newsarama Interview "Ratatouille" Talent (UPDATED November 15, 2007)

by on November 7, 2007

DVD Talk has posted three articles covering the recent release of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille on DVD:

The Mouse and the Rat, which covers the appearance of Ratatouille director Brad Bird at the Blu-ray DVD release event. The article covers the difficulties in communicating the high-concept of the movie, what it was like to work with the rats used for reference and with voice actor Patton Oswalt (misspelled as “Oswald” in the article), and what he feels about motion-capture animation and the Blu-ray format.

A Day at Pixar, which speaks to directing animator Michael Venturini, lighting director Sharon Calahan and production designer Harley Jessup, and director Jim Capobianco. The Pixar employees discuss the design and animation of the rats in the movie, the Parisian setting, and the sumptuous dishes in the movie, while Capobianco talks about making the new short film “Your Friend the Rat,” which is the first Pixar short film to use 2-D and stop-motion animation techniques.

An audio interview with Brad Bird, conducted by DVD Talk’s Geoffrey Kleinman. The interview is available via the DVD Talk Radio Player or as a 12MB MP3 file.

In addition, Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has been posting a series of interviews with the talent behind Ratatouille and Pixar Animation Studios. The interviews posted so far include:

John Lasseter, on the new Pixar Animated Shorts DVD, the growing market for animated short films, his new position as the head of Walt Disney Feature Animation, the upcoming Wall-E, and the new short film “Your Friend the Rat”

Brad Bird, about his early work, the reception Ratatouille received, and the possibility of sequels to any of his films. (Note: the article refers to former Pixar employee Jan Pinkava as “Jan Pinkow”)

Patton Oswalt, the voice of Ratatouille‘s lead character Remy, about voice acting performances that influenced him, what it was like working on the film, how his physical traits were animated for the movie, and the difference between his stage show and his role as Remy.

Short film directors Dan Scanlon (“Mater & the Ghostlight”), Gary Rydstrom (“Lifted”), and Michael Venturini (“Your Friend the Rat”) have been interviewed about their short films, the environment at Pixar that encourages short films, and the new Pixar Short Films Collection DVD. (ADDED November 15, 2007)

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