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DTemplar’s 25 Toons That Should Be On DVD, And Soon (The top 10)

by on September 21, 2006

Everybody wants to know, what the top ten would be. Without further ado, here its is:

10. Muppet Babies: Ever since their debut in The Muppets Take Manhattan in 1984, the Muppet Babies were a hit. Fans would love to see the infant versions of Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear on DVD box sets.

9. Tiny Toon Adventures: In 1990, Steven Spielberg brought brought his magic to Warner Brothers, and the rest was history. Buster, Babs, Plucky, Elmyra, Sneezer, Furball and the rest of the gang from Acme Acres were Spielberg’s first big stars, and with its spin-off Animaniacs coming to DVD in July, the question remains. Where is Tiny Toons?

8. Filmation’s Ghostbusters: The toon is based on the 70s live action show with Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker from F Troop. This version got confused with The Real Ghostbusters (which was released the same year). Fans would love to see Jake Kong, Eddie Spencer and Tracy, the gorilla stopping Prime Evil. Lets go, Ghostbusters!

7. ’88 Superman:This version of the Man of Steel was made during his 50th anniversary, and follows more closely to the current run of Superman comics. And since they’re releasing Superman Returns in theaters. Fans want to see this version of Superman on DVD in complete order.

6. X-Men: In the 90s, X-men ruled Fox Kids. And like the 90s version of Spider-Man, this show should be made as Season sets instead of the ones we get from BV.

5. Thundarr The Barbarian: After they left Hanna-Barbera in the late 70s, producers Joe Ruby & Ken Spears produced their best known cartoon. It chronicles Thundarr, a man with a Sunsword fighting for justice in a destroyed Earth. If a DVD is made, I would love to see commentary from both Joe & Ken.

4. M.A.S.K.: Matt Trakker leads the Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand in vehicles that have special transformations to stop Myles Mayhem and VENOM. With DiC getting back the rights to its toon library from Disney and Jetix, this is one of these shows that demands a DVD release.

3. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: 25 years ago, NBC aired one of the best cartoons ever, by teaming our favorite Web-Slinger with Firestar & Iceman. If you see it now on Toon Disney, the show is butchered. Fans would love to see all 24 episodes as if they was first aired on NBC, uncut and untouched. Maybe when Spider-Man 3 comes out.

2. Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle: I’ve been a huge fan of this toon as a child. This toon has it all, the lush jungle background, the spectactular music, and of course, that familiar yell. Bob Ridgely was THE voice for Tarzan. I wonder who owns the rights to Filmation’s version of the famous ape man.

And now for the #1 toon I want to see on DVD. Its hard for me to chose what I would love to see on DVD, but one collection is almost gone. Warner Bros. needs to consider bringing this group to DVD.

Here is the #1 Toon:

1. DC-Filmation Toons: In 1966, Filmation produced their first cartoon, The New Adventures of Superman. Aquaman was made a year later, and Batman was made in 68 after the cancellation of the Adam West series. In 1977, The New Adventures of Batman premiered with Adam West & Burt Ward as the voices of the Dynamic Duo. I think Warner should bring these toons to DVD, because after June 20, the DC Classic Collection would be down to Batman Beyond and the Superfriends.

There you have it, my 25 animated classics that should be made on DVD. I hope that companies who owns the rights to these shows should listen to the fans. Because as long as we remember them, sooner or later they’ll make them.

Editor’s note: Toon Zone apologizes for the lateness of this article.

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