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Dragons: Riders of Berk – “The Terrible Twos” Recap

by on September 17, 2012

While flying their dragons through the forest, Hiccup and his friends discover a tiny, unidentified species of dragon that appears to be wounded. Realizing that he can’t just leave him there, Hiccup decides to take him home in order to nurse his wounds. Stoick reluctantly agrees to allow him to stay, giving him the name “Torch” after it beats Toothless in lighting the firewood. Later that night, Hiccup attempts to get Torch acclimated to his new environment, but Toothless refuses to give the dragon any support as he senses that something is wrong. Sure enough, the dragon’s mother is seen searching for her baby in the forest where he was originally found. The next day, Hiccup and his friends begin to study Torch, eventually classifying its species as “Typhoomerang” due to the spiraled nature of its take-off when flying, and how it always lands right where it took off. As night falls, Toothless attempts to take Torch back to its mother, to get it away from the village, but Hiccup distrusts Toothless and thinks that he’s just being jealous. In order to protect the dragon, Hiccup takes Toothless back to his cove and leaves him there, knowing that he won’t be able to leave on his own due to his injury. The next day, after having returned to Berk, Hiccup learns that something has caused widespread destruction in the forest and immediately sets out to see it, and upon seeing the familiar burn marks of the Typhoomerang, he realizes that the dragon they have is actually a baby and that Toothless had been trying to warn him the whole time. Hiccup tells his friends to return to Berk while he returns to Toothless, at which point he and Torch fly off . After a brief chase, the mother dragon crashes and is woken up by its baby. Her other babies show up and she takes them and leaves, leaving Hiccup to reflect on how both dragons and their riders need to listen to one another in order to properly work together.

This episode struck me as odd. In the previous episode, Hiccup touted the protective nature of the dragons. In the episodes before that, Hiccup touted how the dragons could be trusted. In the movie, Hiccup and Toothless underwent an incredible bonding process and knew each other so well. So why is it that in this episode, Hiccup refuses to trust Toothless? So much so that he even traps him in the cove where he originally found him while he went back to look over the baby dragon that they found? I’m sorry, but this really rubs me the wrong way. These types of episodes always rub me the wrong way, but this one in particular wasn’t right. I’m getting real sick of this show ignoring everything that has happened in previously established canon. We were assured that this would be a different type of show, but as it stands, it’s not doing anything differently compared to Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness.

Still, I did manage to enjoy this episode. It was nice to have a conflict that wasn’t just one group or another being unhappy with the dragons, and based on what we know of the upcoming episodes, it looks like we’ll be done with those plots before much longer. It was also nice to see Stoick start to warm up to dragons in this episode. Since it was revealed that he’ll be getting his own dragon sometime this season, it’ll be nice to see his feelings on them continue to evolve as the series progresses. Gobber also had some hilarious lines, which I suspected he would based on his roles in previous episodes. At the end of the day, this episode wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I’m more looking forward to the next episode. “In Dragons We Trust” appears to be setting the stage for Alvin the Treacherous to show up – who was announced to be the main villain for this season – and a main villain would definitely give the series the shake up that it needs.

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