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Dragons: Riders of Berk – “Heather Report Part Two” Recap

by on November 27, 2012

Having returned to Berk with Heather, the Riders of Berk placed her in jail while they planned their next move. Unfortunately for them, she is not content with staying there. After her umpteenth escape attempt, Astrid returns her to her cell where Heather tells her that the reason she betrayed them was because her parents were being held captive by Alvin, but it doesn’t do her any good. At Outcast Island, the outcasts are busy trying to retrieve the book, which had fallen next to a dragon and they know relatively little about them. Back at Berk, Hiccup is instructing his friends to train their dragons to be able to defend themselves from Alvin’s soldiers, so that they can succeed in their mission to retrieve the book and bring it back home. After the training, Astrid proposes that she impersonate Heather and head to Outcast Island in order to trick Alvin to give her the book back. After she sets off, Heather escapes from jail again. At Outcast Island, Astrid arrives and is met by Savage, who orders his men to kill her even though they believe that she’s Heather, as Heather’s usefulness has run out. She convinces them otherwise, saying that the Book of Dragons is useless in the wrong hands, so he brings her to Alvin. Back at Berk, Heather re-introduces herself to Stormfly and flies off towards Outcast Island. There, Hiccup and the Riders of Berk move into position to execute their plan. Meanwhile, Astrid convinces Alvin that she needs the book to show them how to tame dragons, and after she’s taken to an arena, she tames a Monstrous Nightmare and prepares to fly off on him to freedom. At that moment, however, Alvin reveals that he has Heather’s parents – he still thinks that Astrid is Heather – and says that he will kill them if she leaves. She tells him that she’ll give him the book if he sends the parents first, and after he sends them into the arena, she causes a diversion with the dragon but it unsuccessful. Alvin forces her to meet up with Hiccup at the rendezvous spot, where both groups execute their plants. The Outcasts, however, have the upper hand the the Riders of Berk are on the verge of defeat. At that moment, Heather flies in on Stormfly and saves the day, rescuing her parents and her newfound friends. Alvin looks on, saying that he needs to get the book back and capture Hiccup as well. Back at Berk, Astrid and Hiccup say goodbye to Heather, telling her that she’s always welcome as long as she asks for help next time she’s in trouble. She sails off, saying they may meet again some day.

I really didn’t like the previous episode. Fortunately, this one was better, but it would have been very hard for the show to disappoint me that much again. I still contend that an awful job was done with Heather in part one, as she acted with far too much glee for somebody who was forced into the situation due to a hostage situation. Had she seemed more remorseful – more reticent – then she could have paid dividends as a character. As it stands, I still don’t like her and I hope that she never shows up again, although I’m confident that she will. I am pleased, at least, that the Riders of Berk did not trust Heather so easily, and it wasn’t until they discovered the truth about her parents that they were willing to forgive and forget. But even then, I don’t think they should have been as cordial as they were at the end of the episode. I know Heather saved them all, but she caused the whole ordeal in the first place. I also didn’t like how easy she made saving them look, as she’s supposed to still be new to dragons.

Perhaps the biggest hole in this two-parter has been this: where is Stoick? Why did they give him his own dragon if he’s not going to be involved when something as big as this goes down? Shouldn’t he have been leading the raid on the outcasts? At the very least, he should have been notified of what was going on. I also didn’t like how easily fooled Alvin and Savage were when Astrid impersonated Heather. I know they didn’t like Heather and were merely using her as a tool, but one would think that they would have some degree of common sense. It just seems like everything about this story was mishandled, and the way that it ended doesn’t inspire much hope. Alvin says he wants to get the book back, and capture Hiccup in order to capitalize on it. Didn’t we already know that? How was anything changed by this two-part episode? It’s implied that Alvin didn’t get enough information to train his own dragons yet, so we may very well be forced to wait until the season finale before we actually get dragon vs. dragon combat. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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