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Dragon*Con08 Day 2: Aqua Squid Venture Brothers

by on August 31, 2008

More news tidbits on [adult swim] programming, direct to you from Atlanta’s Dragon*Con 2008. (Truthfully, I’m typing this direct from my house which is 45 minutes from the con, but anyway…)

And again I must caution that there be some minor dragon spoilers so please read at your own risk.

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Squidbillies Panel

Many Venture Bros fans found themselves displaced and disappointed when Dragon*Con organizers changed times and locations for these two panels. I hope in hindsight they were grateful because they never would’ve been able to fit the massive throng of fandom in the smaller room where the Venture Bros panel was originally scheduled.

The ATHF/Squidbillies panel included Ned Hastings (producer, editor, and voice talent), Dave Willis (creator, writer, producer, director, and voice talent), Jim Fortier (creator, writer, producer, director, and voice talent), Daniel McDevit (voice of Russell “Rusty” Cuyler), Jay Edwards (editor, producer, and wearer of cowboy hats), and Dana Snyder (Master Shake and Granny) reprising his role as dragon persona Lyle Knightbreath (and if you’re asking yourself just what the hell that means, please read Saturday’s D*C [as] report). And when asked about his dragon hat, Snyder answered, “It’s not a costume, it’s a lifestyle.”

And my apologies in advance if certain show details are unclear. Since they were covering two shows and kept switching discussion between them, it was at times difficult to tell what went with which show. (I also actually fell asleep in my office desk chair at 4am typing this panel reporttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttt, so I accept full responsibility for any errors made as a result which will be corrected as soon as possible.)

+ On ATHF‘s upcoming Volume 6 DVD, the remaining unaired episodes that will debut on the DVD won’t actually air until Spring ’09. Other bonus materials previously unannounced include:

  • “All Carl’s sports blogs (to date).”
  • 15-minute “short” Terrorphone starring Dana Snyder and Carey Means.
  • All comedy bits/outtakes from the ATHF video game will be included, says Dana Snyder, “So you don’t have to play through the sh*itty video game to see them.”
  • “Weird” 3D video game cinematics from Russia.

And for any fans wondering, there are no plans to release ATHF on Blu-Ray because, Snyder quipped, “the colors would be so intense people’s eyes would explode.”

+ New ATHF episodes will begin airing early 2009.

+ Willis says that Death Fighter, a sequel to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is “tentatively” planned for release in 2011. And he added again for emphasis, “tentatively.”

+ Guest stars for upcoming ATHF episodes include music producer Matt Wallace, Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Moral Orel), and “a wrestler” although attendees were asked not to reveal the wrestler’s name (prematurely revealed by Willis) due to potential legal problems. Willis asked that we forget he ever mentioned it, and for some reason I can’t remember what the hell I was just talking about. Another name–Bill-Something–was mentioned but the last name was unclear [Hayten? Hayden? Hater?], and I wouldn’t mention it at all (because it makes me look like a slack reporter) except that the character he’s voicing is named “Inflatable Hitler.”

+ MC Chris will probably not return as MC Pee Pants, although Willis added that Chris provided a voice for his new pilot, Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge.

+ Another upcoming ATHF episode is a sequel to “Dickesode” called “Creature From The Plaque Lagoon” and has something to do with teeth. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

+ And yet another upcoming episode to air, possibly in late 2008, will be an all live-action episode. [as] will be announcing a Carl Lookalike contest “in about a month” and the contest winner will be featured in this episode. Contest winner must be willing to have the top of his hairdo shaved off, provided he isn’t bald already.

+ ATHF is doing a “Star Wars Spectacular” episode to air in 2009, “without the permission of George Lucas or Lucasfilm,” added Willis.

+ Squidbillies has been renewed for 20 new episodes, 4-5 of them already in production. And look for the next DVD volume to be released in Spring 2009 that will include two unaired episodes and outtakes from Georgia Bulldogs’ announcer Larry Munson from his guest appearance as the voice of God.

+ They also previewed three exclusive show clips:

  • The first was for ATHF, titled “Genie” which features a pint-sized character who wears nothing more than tightie-whities and pointy shoes, and has a rather unique way of granting wishes by turning people invisible.
  • The 2nd clip also for ATHF, titled “Shake Like Me” involves Shake being bitten by a radioactive black widow spider which turns him into Black-Man: a ‘fro-sportin’, bling-blingin’, freestyle rapper. “We’re keepin’ the taste level right up there,” said one panelist. “Standards and practices be damned.”
  • The 3rd clip was, according to Willis, a pilot episode spin-off of Squidbillies and a convention exclusive. It turned out to be a prank — the clip featured the show’s entire cast as dragons, in honor of the convention, naturally. However, it did draw the biggest laughs from the audience for the entire panel. So, [as] crew: if you’re reading this, PLEASE consider making this available on adultswim.com and/or on a future DVD release. Even if you’ve never been to Dragon*Con, it’s still hilarious to watch.

Venture Bros Panel

The room for this event was filled to capacity with an extremely large audience. Just a rough estimate would be about 25 million people, give or take a few thousand.

Unfortunately, practically nothing new was revealed about Season 4. The entire panel consisted of fan Q&A hosted by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, which was nevertheless entertaining and many fans came dressed in full Venture Bros-themed regalia. And we promise pictures are forthcoming for all you fanboys wanting to see Molotov and Doctor Girlfriend lookalikes. (Dude! I am SO getting my wife one of those Doctor Mrs. The Monarch costumes!)

And now for the more noteworthy Q&A topics:

Q: Who is Dean and Hank’s mother?
A: “If we decide to get into answering that question, we will.”

Q: What is the fate of Henchman 24?
A: “25 is going to be the exact same guy with a voice that’s easier to do.” But in short, Doc Hammer stated quite emphatically, “24 is not coming back.”

Q: What does Dr. Girlfriend have her doctorate in?
A: Whatever the hell we decide it’s in, if we ever decide it. All you need know is that she’s a @#$%ing doctor, but Hammer did point out that she seems to have a lot of knowledge of science.

Q: When are Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy going to get girlfriends?
A: “We thought you were going to ask the more obvious question, like when are they going to ‘get it on’!”

Q: With the T-Shirt of the Week Club continue for Season 4?
A: Probably not, but there will be “much more merchandise” by then.

Q: Will Molotov’s chastity belt ever be removed? (asked by a curvy female fan dressed as Molotov)
A: There are plenty of guys at this convention who would be thrilled to help you out with that.

Q: Will we be seeing more of Phantom Limb?
A: Phantom Limb will be appearing in the first two episodes of Season 4

Q: Where do you get the ideas for the villains?
A: We buy them from The Villain Hut. Seriously, though, most of them are puns we thought were funny. For example, Herr Trigger was actually supposed to have actually had a hairy finger. Get it? “Hair” Trigger? (And don’t you just want to kick people in the teeth who say “Get it?”)

Q: Regarding Brock’s creative killing methods…
A: Brock is so badass he’s could pull out a guy’s trachea and then blow on the guy with it, saying, “I’m you.”

Also of note, Hammer and Publick said that there will be 10 minutes of extra footage on the Season 3 DVD release. They also said the DVD would be “uncensored…[with] no bars on the genitals.” Hammer said you’ll be able to see Dr. Venture’s junk in all its glory. I did, however, detect a hint of jest from the both of them regarding this as they launched into a series of genitalia jokes.

Look for more detailed panel reports and convention photos to be added here within the next week.

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