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Dragon*Con08: [Adult Swim] Panel Highlights

by on August 30, 2008

In what was the most unashamedly satiric discussion panel [adult swim] has likely ever hosted at a convention, the [as] crew arrived for their first-ever “Dragon Panel” in dragon hats, kabuki makeup, and a leotard with a codpiece. And they each had fantasy dragon personas which included names such as Lyle Knightbreath (Dana Snyder), Mjorghen-Hammer, and Custard. [And I think I might have been one of very few who picked up on the oh-so-subtle “Pete’s Dragon” reference with panel moderator “Pete” (Keith Crofford) and “Elliot” (Mike Lazzo).]

And even amidst the vital discussion of hard-hitting issues which impact dragon society such as dragon racism, Dragonballz, and how Dana Snyder’s dragon persona enjoys sex with cars, the [as] crew still dropped a pant-load of exclusive first looks, teasers, and news tidbits.

More detailed panel reports from Dragon*Con–including photos–will follow over the next week, but in the meantime, here are the highlights from Friday’s [adult swim] Dragon Panel.

But first, a word of caution that there be minor dragon spoilers ahead, so read on at your own risk.

Premiering 9.28.08
Clip review: A hyper-kinetic, crudely animated, comedic splatterfest that looks like a mishmash of R. Crumb, Rat Fink, Zippy The Pinhead, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and violent Ralph Bakshi fantasies. Smells like a cult hit to me.

Check It Out, With Dr. Steve Brule
Premiering Spring 2009
Clip review: “I’m lookin’ for sex, and I need it fast,” says Brule introducing his show as if he were doing a video for a dating service. More amusement from John C. Reilly’s clueless stoner nitwit character deservedly getting his own spin-off series from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job.

The Drinky Crow Show
Premiering 11.23.08
Clip review: Another cheaply-produced dark comedy to add to the [AS] lineup featuring cel-shaded CGI characters on sloppy watercolor-esque backgrounds. In this clip, Drinky cuts out his eyes and replaces them with beer goggles. I predict the drunken sock monkey Uncle Gabby will become the next [as] cult favorite. However, [as] shouldn’t be surprised when this show draws the inevitable critical comparisons with Squidbillies.

Premiering February 2009
Clip review: Low-budget live-action reality show spoof about a family in the witness protection program, with the family in black ski masks and voice modulators sewn into their necks or something so as to hide their identities while on camera. But my gut feeling says this show’s gimmick may wear thin too quickly to keep viewers interested.

The Mighty Boosh
Premiering January 2009
Clip review: This BBC series is already a multi-award-winning cult favorite in the UK, and while it is yet another live-action show to air on an animated network, fans of wacky Britcoms (who haven’t seen this already) should really give it a chance. Also, if you enjoyed Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, this should be right up your alley as it features some of the same cast members.

Look Around You
Premiering 10.26.08
Clip review: Another live-action BBC series, and according to one of the [AS] dragon panelists, “The first educational program to air on [adult swim].” It’s a mockumentary-style comedy that actually started as a full-out parody of British educational programs from the 70’s. The clip previewed got great laughs from the audience and could possibly prove an amusing addition to the [AS] block.

Premiering Season 3 beginning in April 2009
Clip review: Early and Rusty take a tour of Dan Halen’s “Museum of the South.” Expect a series of visual gags involving Granny sexually violating museum mannequins.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Premiering new episode in March 2009
Clip review: This clip shown was unfinished animation involving a mythical sea creature–living in Carl’s pool–that eats Meatwad. According to Elliot the Dragon (Lazzo), the original version of this episode was yanked due to “content.” It was interesting hearing uncensored audio in this clip–an f-bomb dropped by Frylock was met with wild cheers and applause. We were also reminded that the ATHF Volume 6 DVD streets December 2008.

[TZ will be offering more details on the above two shows following Saturday’s Squidbillies/ATHF panel at Dragon*Con]

The Venture Bros
Premiering Season 4 in Fall 2009
Clip review: Well, it was actually a joke at the audience’s expense. Instead, we were shown a clip of Ian Poulter’s amazing hole-in-one shot at the 2008 Masters. But they redeemed themselves by announcing when S4 would begin, although the thought of waiting that long drew sounds of loud questioning and gnashing of teeth. We should have more details to report following Saturday’s Venture Bros panel with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer.

Robot Chicken
Premiering a brand, spanky new all-Star Wars special in November 2008
Clip review: Well, of course they wouldn’t give us a preview of that either, the blastards. However, they did announce that after the new Season 4 episodes begin airing this weekend, fans will be able to listen to episode commentaries available on adultswim.com every Tuesday following each new episode’s debut.

And in related [as] news, at the Voice Acting Panel anime dub voice actor Vic Mignogna briefly mentioned that there would be a “fourth season” for Fullmetal Alchemist. He didn’t elaborate, but Anime News Network has more details on that story if you’re interested.

Look for more Dragon*Con news coverage here throughout the weekend and into next week.

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