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"Dragonball Z: Super Android 13!" Doesn’t Quite "Git ‘R Done"!

by on April 15, 2006

Enjoying their peace from the fighting that always comes to the Z Warriors (Earth’s Special Forces), Goku, family and friends have decided to take a relaxing trip to the mall. Buy some clothes, check out the babes; the only fighting is Chi Chi over the deals. When an android menace starts to ravage the town, they must put aside their vacation and take out three androids created by a long-defeated villian; a jive-talking midget, a silent behemoth, and… the Red Ribbon redneck. Can the Super Saiyans git ‘r done!?

Ah, Dragonball Z; 300 + episodes, 13 movies, two TV specials, and… too damn much filler. Two movies a year were released in Japan throughout its run, and I’m taking my first look at the seventh movie, Super Android 13!, the one that occurs soon after the Android Saga… roughly. It’s really hard to put movies into TV continuity, and near impossible to fit them into comic continuity. So, if this movie could actually occur, it would take place after the Android Saga, since Future Trunks is around, everyone can go Super Saiyan, and the adventures of Dr. Gero were stopped by his own Android #17.

Make any sense? Here’s one of the core problems of Dragonball Z movies; they assume you’ve seen the series, know who the characters are, and their relationships. Hence, this is how a 45 minute movie can usually boil down to 25 minutes of fighting with five minutes of rallying and maybe 15 minutes of “plot.”

I use the term “plot” loosely. In fact, I can, sans spoilers, put the entire plot in the following paragraph:

Goku and friends are at the mall, having fun on their days off from not saving the world. Some are there to check out the babes, others are doing some shopping (by choice or not), Gohan’s enjoying his last moments of freedom before summer school… the standard “everything’s serene” scenario. While at the mall, two Androids with Red Ribbon insignias trampse through town, destroying anything in their path, to get to their one goal: Goku. Once they meet, the truth is revealed; Dr. Gero’s computer has been programmed to think that it IS Dr. Gero, and has been creating Androids to get revenge on Goku. Thusly, we get Androids 14 and 15. Soon joining them is the titular villain of the movie, Android 13… and yes, he is a mulletted, trucker-hat-wearing, Red Ribbon rendeck.

And he’s automatically better in the dub than the sub.

Yes, because he’s a redneck.

Can Goku manages to get enough power to save the day, or will the now-Super Android 13 “git ‘r done!”

So, what did I think of the movie? Here’s the thing; what I think doesn’t matter at all to you. You know if you like Dragonball Z or not. I can’t tell you anything that will change your mind. What I can tell Dragonball Z fans is that this is a pretty interesting, almost in-continuity, 45 minute mini-saga with some good fighting, a decent dub (Another thing I can’t decide for you; Dragonball Z has people feverently on each side of the fence. Me? I ain’t even gonna touch the Japanese audio track), and nice animation.


Pssh. This is a Dragonball Z movie. Horrid cover art, trailers, and character profiles. No insert, no commentary, no nothing.

You might be a redneck if you like Android 13, but you might be drunk to go out and buy this DVD. Rent it!

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