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"Dragonball GT": The Last "Generation"

by on February 5, 2005

This review is a special “interview” type review between Toonami Forum Moderator Knux Five and Cartoon Network Forum Moderator Red Giant. If you are a dedicated Dragonball watcher and don’t want it spoiled for you, do not scroll down. This includes the final four episodes. They have all aired on Cartoon Network.

ImageKnux Five: Hey everyone, Knux Five here along with a special guest. Toon Zone’s own Red Giant

Red Giant: Hey everybody.

Knux Five: … and we’re reviewing Dragonball GT Volume 15 “Generations”, which includes episodes 45-48: “The Limits of Power,” “Rescue Goku,” “Universal Allies” and “Until We Meet Again…” These are the final four episodes of the series. They have all aired on Cartoon Network, but if you are a dedicated Dragonball watcher and don’t want them spoiled for you, just back up now and go find something else to read.

The first three episodes on this disc wrap up the Shadow Dragons Saga, and the fourth is a big finale/recap/future episode. The Spirit Bomb destroys the Shadow Dragons, then Shenron shows up and we have the last episode of the series, of all of Dragonball, kicking off with Goku leaving Earth and life in general.

Part of me is just glad that the Shadow Dragons Saga is over; I’m half-relieved and half-disappointed that it fell on the standard “Goku gets a Spirit Bomb that instantly saves the day” saga-ender.

Red Giant: I’m glad Goku saved the day. If it had ended with Cell and Gohan doing the big ending, I would not have cared as much for the DB Series. Goku was the main character and he deserved to be the big hero.

Knux Five: You can’t forget Toriyama’s original plan, though. Gohan was to defeat Cell and go on to be the hero of the series. You can tell at times that Gohan was meant to be the hero, but fans wanted Goku to save the day.

Red Giant: I thought it was a nice touch for Goku to see all of his DB friends, even though he left Batman-style without a huge, true goodbye.

Knux Five: It could have been handled much better. Goku could have at least stopped to chat with Tien, Yamcha, and other allies, but his little sparring match with Krillin was nice. Although I wonder where the heck Krillin’s wife and daughter were during that scene. Goku doesn’t bother to say goodbye to the android that saved the world from Super 17? But hey, that’s Goku. Always forgetting his family. They could have at least had Goku reflect on his friends and family, during the scene on Shenron or something.

Red Giant: It was all supposed to be between Goku and Krillin. They have been here since the start, and it was most fitting that they were alone. But he also saw his good enemy and friend from DB/Z, Piccolo. Who was in hell.

Knux Five: Piccolo in hell. That just seems wrong.

Red Giant: They never should have ‘killed’ him off in the first place.

Knux Five: Eh, that’s in the past.

Red Giant: But then we see Goku, riding on Shenron. And then one of the biggest moments of DB history happens.

Knux Five: Yeah, what was that, exactly? Did Goku become part of the Dragonballs themselves? Did the Dragonballs become part of Goku?

Red Giant: He just disappears into Shenron’s back with the Dragonballs, but I don’t think either became part of the other. They are gone from the earth forever. And basically Shenron is too. But to return to things as they should have been handled: I really wish Goku had become adult again, said some stuff, and then gone away.

Knux Five: Oh, there’s no doubt that the final episode could have had tons of touches like that. They could have had the power of the Dragonballs revert Goku back to his natural age. But Dragonball GT was a series plagued with coulda’s, shoulda’s, and woulda’s. We never got an adult Gotenks, for instance, nor many appearances from classic characters.

Red Giant: After the emotional reunions, we do get a nice little recap of the Dragonball history.

Knux Five: It was all right, but I wouldn’t have expected less or more from it. And we get Zombie Goku at the Future World Martial Arts Tournament, as Goku Jr. fights off against Vegeta Jr. I thought this was nice, showing that their rivalry will pass down through the ages, but there were so many unanswered questions. For instance, why did Goku and Bulma’s families lose touch? They should not have even brought it up as a plot point, though, what with Bulma’s descendent not really knowing Pan and all. All in all, I though the final batch was okay, but they could have done much better. Kind of my whole outlook on Dragonball GT: All right, but could have been better.

Red Giant: How about those extras?

Knux Five: I don’t think we need to even mention the extras. It’s the same stuff on every disc. You’ve seen them before.

Red Giant: The one weakness in the DBGT series.

Knux Five: FUNimation could have been nice and made a new “The World of Dragonball GT” episode or something, like a few DBZ discs had. Or a segment with the VAs signing off on the series. But Dragonball is far from over in America. We’ve still got the uncut Season 1 and 2 DVDs, The Lost Dragonball GT Saga, and a few movies. Ultimately I’d give this disc a B-, much like the entire series. By comparison, I’d give Dragonball Z an A, and Dragonball a C.

Red Giant: I’d give it an A-. This is a good disc. It’s nice to see they could include four episodes, which is something they should have done with the whole series. Probably the best of the whole set, but the extras are still weak.

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