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"Dragon Ball Kai" to End on March 27, 2011

by on March 4, 2011

According to an interview with voice actor Takeshi Kusao (the voice of Trunks) in the most recent issue of Japanese magazine TV Pia, Dragon Ball Kai will end with episode #98. Dragon Ball Kai began broadcast April 5, 2009 at 9AM on Fuji TV, serving as a twentieth anniversary re-airing of the Dragon Ball Z television series. Recut from the original animation, Dragon Ball Kai was edited to more closely follow the Dragon Ball comic chapters the original Dragon Ball Z TV series was adapted from (chapters #195-519). Dragon Ball Kai will conclude having only covered chapters #195-420 of the Dragon Ball comic, corresponding to Dragon Ball Z episodes #1-194.

It was previously announced by Weekly Shônen JUMP that the 9AM Sunday morning timeslot currently held by Dragon Ball Kai would be taken over by the Toriko animated series beginning in April of 2011. Kusao states “I hope they’ll remake the Buu arc as well if they get a chance.”

[Source: Kanzentai.com]

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