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Disney Returns To The Jungle

by on November 8, 2013

jungle book

Disney is in negotiations with director Jon Favreau to oversee a live-action remake of “The Jungle Book”, based on the famous Rudyard Kipling novel. Favreau, who has directed “Elf” as well as the first two “Iron Man” films in that franchise, has mentioned that this remake of the film will incorporate more “mythic elements” and “action elements” than the previous live-action remake attempt in 1994. “The Jungle Book”, of course, was a wild success in its animated film form when it was released in 1967 and currently sits as the #30 most financially successful film of all-time after grossing an inflation-adjusted $593 million.

“The Jungle Book” live-action remake is expected to have a release date in 2015.

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