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Disney Pushes Princesses to Newborns; Hints to Upcoming Disney Projects

by on November 19, 2007
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The Los Angeles Times reports on an expansion of the Disney Princesses merchandising phenomenon, stating that a new line of consumer goods will be aimed at mothers with newborns (free registration required). It will include Disney Princess-branded cribs, infant changing mats, and other infant goods, even while the Princess line continues to draw criticism for over-exposure and sending the wrong messages to young girls.

Several Disney-related news bits are embedded in the article, including:

– Three new Princesses are slated to join the line. The first is the African-American Tiana from the upcoming The Princess and the Frog, but “Two other animated princess-based movies — one starring Rapunzel and another starring a Scottish princess in a new Pixar production — will be rolled out after that.”

– The live-action Enchanted was meant to introduce a new Princess to the line, but the effort collapsed in trying to acquire life-long rights to the image of actress Amy Adams.

– Disney is trying to provide a progression of entertainment/merchandising for girls, moving from Princesses to the Fairies line, and then on to characters like Kim Possible and Hannah Montana in their teens.

– Although John Lasseter has ended the program of direct-to-video movie sequels, “The studio will continue to make direct-to-DVDs in the princess world, just ones with original stories and bigger budgets.”

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