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Diedrich Bader Replaced With Soundalike for Batman Toy

by on May 20, 2009

Voice Actors in the News reports that Diedrich Bader was replaced last week with a soundalike to record the voice of Batman for an upcoming action figure from Mattel.

Bader says that neither he nor his agent were notified prior to the recasting. They (Mattel) just heard that he was out of town shooting a guest appearance for an episode of the upcoming LifeTime TV drama/comedy Drop Dead Diva, and simply moved forward without him.

While soundalikes are often cast for mass-market products such as this, this is an unfortunate case where Bader could have still recorded the voice via an ISDN-equipped studio or they could have waited a couple more days for him to return to Los Angeles. But Mattel simply didn’t bother to contact him or his agent either way.

Voice Actors in the News adds that Bader even “stated that it ‘wasn’t really a big deal’ because it was only for an action figure that they’d replaced his voice — it’s not like they recast him for the TV show. But he was mainly upset that they couldn’t have waited just a couple days until he was back in LA. That, and also that he wanted his son to have a Batman action figure which featured his voice.”

Although little can be done at this point, if fans wish to contact Mattel’s Consumer Relations their number is 800-524-8697 (in the U.S. and Canada). Their standard business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM – 7 PM (EST) and Saturdays 11 AM – 5 PM (EST). English, French and Spanish speaking agents are available, and hearing impaired support is available by calling 800-382-7470.

Read the complete story at Voice Actors in the News.

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